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Sales & Marketing Solutions

Sales & Marketing Solutions

Best Sales & Marketing Solutions in Your City

At Capdeal, we bring a broad range of investors and buyers to our partners in the Primary, Secondary and Rental sectors. Our tenacious and goal-oriented team offers cutting-edge insight into customer approach and brand perception and makes calculated decisions that help you optimize your expenditures and outperform competitors.

Project Feasibility Study

  • Micro Market and Competition Analysis
  • Sales Strategy
  • Inventory Management
  • Channel Partner Activation
  • Consumer Offer Proposition
  • Domestic & International Cross Selling

Go-To Market Strategy

  • Communication Strategy
  • Campaign Planning
  • Buyer Sourcing
  • Campaign Dimensioning

Affiliation Strategy

  • Loyalty
  • Referrals
  • Focused Targeting

Transaction Management

  • Technology Platform
  • Site Digitization
  • Call Center
  • Onsite Mobilization
  • Face To Face Meetings
  • Site Visit
  • Final Transaction Closure With Developer
Project Feasibility Study
Go To Market Strategy
Affiliation Strategy
Transaction Management

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Sales & Marketing Solutions

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